North West Chairperson claims a victory for NDZ; Will still follow the Party’s Ethics

Predictions and Assumptions are doing rounds amidst the ongoing ANC Elective Conference and both the camps i.e. NDZ and Ramaphosa, are waiting for the results to be announced with their…Read More
ANC Election Result

NDZ Rules the Numbers amidst the Fake Predictions by WMC Media Houses

The political battlegrounds have been heated up already for the election of the new ANC  as both the candidates for the Presidential chair are about to conclude with their campaigns…Read More
Ramaphosa and NDZ

Ramaphosa?? Or NDZ?? : An In-depth Analysis of Both the Candidates for ANC Presidential Bid

The race to be the next president of the ANC, in South Africa, is onto its last few stages, but only the time will confirm, who is going to be…Read More
Ramaphosa Affairs

#NoVoteRamaphosa: Leaked Email Trails Exposed DP Cyril Ramaphosa and His Dirt

Cyril Ramaphosa has become the new symbol of “Being Shameless” and “Disgrace to South African people” after his exposed extra marital affairs with multiple women. “Papa devours me” was a…Read More
#CosatuStrike: The Inside Story

#CosatuStrike: The Inside Story

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As per the recent report on BLF website, Thousands of Cosatu (Congress of South African Trade Unions) members are preparing to take part in the protest against Corruption and State…Read More
BLF Deputy President

Ramaphosa deemed Unfit to lead by BLF Deputy President

Things really don’t seem like going good for Cyril Ramaphosa and his Presidential nomination in the coming future, after his extra marital affairs with 8 women came into Limelight via…Read More