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R125000 home loan write off By FNB and R400 Due on Credit Card and overdraft for DA Councillor

WMC supported media houses might make all the hues and cries in order to push the fact that it’s the Gupta family and president Zuma who are indulged in all…Read More
FNB Shut Down

BLF’s Success! Shut Down FNB! Support Black Banker

Black First Land First (BLF), founded in 2015, is a revolutionary socialist political party which is very famous to word for his nation, South Africa. This party and its members…Read More
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BLF to Take Action! Sacked FNB Black employees to meet BLF

Black First Land First (BLF), the black consciousness movement, as per their report ,says it will meet with four young men who were being sacked by the bank, FNB, for…Read More