BLF Support SA

BLF voice their support for every true supporter of RET

Johann Rupert and his stooges have gone out of their limits to go dirty against the true supporters of Radical economic transformation and this could be the reason why they…Read More
Gupta Family in South Africa

Guptas stand Victorious against all odds in BoB’s “Accounts Closure” Case

A proverb is very famous or logical that no matter how hard the path of truth goes, there’s always a better end to it. The Verdict by the High Court…Read More
EFF Joins Hands with WMC to Work against President Zuma

EFF Joins Hands with WMC to Work against President Zuma

The movement of the Economic Freedom Fighters led by Julius Malema has planned to have a march against Guptas. The mastermind behind this march is none other than Johann Rupert…Read More
BOB vs Gupta

BOB Threatens to Pull the Plug Off Financial Ties with the Gupta’s

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Whole nation comes to a standstill when news broke on ANN7 stating BOB (bank of Baroda) cutting off Financial ties with the Gupta’s owned companies giving the reasons as substantial…Read More

Rupert and His Paid Media Under Obligation! To sell the Assets of Gupta’s

Oakbay, a renowned company by Gupta family in South Africa has taken a step forward to work for the development of South Africa as well as for its employees &…Read More
Jimmy Manyi

Gupta Sells the New Age and ANN7 to Mzwanele Manyi for South Africa

A company possessed by Mzwanele Manyi has brought Gupta-owned two media units named, The New Age and ANN7. However, these two media units are considered as the majority shareholders of…Read More
Gupta Family

Gupta Family and Oakbay Have Won The Battle By Defeating Pravin Gordhan

Till date, Gupta & family has not done anything wrong against the development of the country. Beacuse, the whites and other associated members of the white monopoly capital are often…Read More
Jacob Zuma 2019

Zuma Confidence In Winning Over The December Election Will Never Make Him Afraid

The secret no-confidence vote against ANC will never favor white monopolists as president Jacob Zuma will win over the election and the revolt against him seems to be quite less.…Read More
Gupta Family

“GuptaLeaks” Fake Mail was decoded by the White Monopoly Capital Media

This time it was much more of technological misuse that took place as a war against the opponents of the white monopoly capital by the white owned media. Yes, this…Read More
White Monopoly in South Africa

Richer more than Guptas in South Africa – Johann Rupert and Nicky Oppenheimer

Johann Rupert and Nicky Oppenheimer are two rich South African businessmen who have the wealth of the total population of the black people of South Africa. Johann Rupert is the…Read More