NDZ’s loss a victory for Corrupt feminist’s “Anti Black Women” approach

ANC elective conference might have been over, but it still left us with some of the biggest questions around. Did NDZ lose just because she is a black and moreover…Read More

North West Chairperson claims a victory for NDZ; Will still follow the Party’s Ethics

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NDZ17: The Winner of Global Political leader Lifetime Achievement Award

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Ramaphosa and NDZ

Ramaphosa?? Or NDZ?? : An In-depth Analysis of Both the Candidates for ANC Presidential Bid

The race to be the next president of the ANC, in South Africa, is onto its last few stages, but only the time will confirm, who is going to be…Read More
BLF Support SA

Radical Economic Transformation: The Desperate Call of the hour

Radical Economic Transformation has long been talked about as a vision in support of all the true native of the country. Going into the same direction, the radical black consciousness…Read More
Why NDZ’s appointment as the “First Black Women President” a need of the Hour?

Why NDZ’s appointment as the “First Black Women President” a need of the Hour?

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The Coming ANC presidential election in the country has given a push to various arguments on subjects like Radical economical transformation, Dominance of White Monopoly Capital and so on. While…Read More