Steinhoff vs BLF

BLF Initiates Police case on Steinhoff

The corrupt act at Steinhoff has left the whole nation into a shock stage and whilst the silence of major business authorities is point to be discussed, many investigative agencies…Read More
BLF Against KPMG

BLF Members fell victim to Police Brutality Whilst Protest Against KPMG

WMC has always been known for his Dominance on the South African Politics and they often use this to oppress or influence anything against their interests across the country. Same…Read More
WMC Weekly Scams

A Week Full Of Nightmares for WMC (White Monopoly Capital)

The Political panorama of the country has seen its own twists and turns this week in true regards. Specially for the WMC and its allies, it was almost proved a…Read More
Project Sunday Evening

Project Sunday Evening: The Centre point of investigation over SARS as a “Rogue Unit”

The Political scenario of the country now seems like a scripted story with its own twists and turns every other day. The recent development on the same came as no…Read More
Gupta Family

Gupta Family and Oakbay Have Won The Battle By Defeating Pravin Gordhan

Till date, Gupta & family has not done anything wrong against the development of the country. Beacuse, the whites and other associated members of the white monopoly capital are often…Read More
Jacob Zuma 2019

Zuma Confidence In Winning Over The December Election Will Never Make Him Afraid

The secret no-confidence vote against ANC will never favor white monopolists as president Jacob Zuma will win over the election and the revolt against him seems to be quite less.…Read More
UJ Lecture

UJ Lecture: Who has the Land Question Possed to Pravin Gordhan by UJ Student

The students of the University of Johannesburg (UJ) are correct in characterizing the primary contradiction in South Africa as being white monopoly capital. The revolutionary students of UJ are also…Read More
Johann Rupert

Grindrod Bank of Johann Rupert Sets SASSA’s Billions

Johann Rupert, who is considered as one of the richest men in the country of South Africa has a Grindrod Bank that holds billions of SASSA. The bank seems to…Read More