FNB Shut Down

BLF’s Success! Shut Down FNB! Support Black Banker

Black First Land First (BLF), founded in 2015, is a revolutionary socialist political party which is very famous to word for his nation, South Africa. This party and its members…Read More
Gupta Family

Gupta Family and Oakbay Have Won The Battle By Defeating Pravin Gordhan

Till date, Gupta & family has not done anything wrong against the development of the country. Beacuse, the whites and other associated members of the white monopoly capital are often…Read More
Stephen Goodson

Role of Media In Hiding The Corruption and Scams of WMC

Former SARB director Stephen Goodson has discussed about the Sifiso Mahlangu during the direct talk show in the News ANN7 Channel. He added during his speech that Reserve Bank Decisions…Read More