Christo Wiese Steinhoff

Steinhoff’s Chairman resigns amidst Dark Clouds over the Controversial firm

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Christo Wiese, Chairman of the board and interim CEO of under fire Steinhoff has proposed his resignation amidst the controversies going around the multinational firm. As per the reports published…Read More
Steinhoff vs BLF

BLF Initiates Police case on Steinhoff

The corrupt act at Steinhoff has left the whole nation into a shock stage and whilst the silence of major business authorities is point to be discussed, many investigative agencies…Read More
Markus Jooste Steinhoff Arrest

BLF calls for Markus Jooste’s arrest amidst Financial Irregularities at Steinhoff

Corruption has always been the main tool used by WMC along with its supported factions till now, to loot South African resources and oppresses the blacks in the process to…Read More