Steinhoff vs BLF

BLF Initiates Police case on Steinhoff

The corrupt act at Steinhoff has left the whole nation into a shock stage and whilst the silence of major business authorities is point to be discussed, many investigative agencies…Read More
Project Sunday Evening

Project Sunday Evening: The Centre point of investigation over SARS as a “Rogue Unit”

The Political scenario of the country now seems like a scripted story with its own twists and turns every other day. The recent development on the same came as no…Read More
Fake Chapter in South Africa

Another Fake Chapter in the Book Titled “Lets Defame ANC” !

It’s a common saying that if a person gets blind due to high exposure towards light, he would see (even if he can’t) everything shiny wherever he goes, for the…Read More
Rupert Johann

Deniable Role of Johann Rupert In Protecting Afrikaans Language

The Freedom Front Plus is one of the parliamentary parties of South Africa, which avers to represent Afrikaan-speakers. Recently, it has publicly backed Johann Rupert, who is a billionaire businessman…Read More
Kleinfontein Village

The White South Africans Craving For Apartheid’s Arrival

Kleinfontein is a secluded village in South African as those residents decline to accept the South African diversity similar to the modern rainbow nation. They insist that instead of leading…Read More
Schools of South Africa

Breeding Of Racism in Schools Of South Africa

Racism in South African schools cannot be understood via its historical context. After the general election in 1948, the white supremacist of national party launched a program known as apartheid.…Read More
Rise UP

White Monopoly Capital – How Can White’s Loot the Black People Country South Africa

#WMC (White Monopoly Capital) a Myth, no no it’s a word which developed by Some Whites, in past to gather more part of the country in their hands , with…Read More
South African

History is Repeating – DIVIDE & RULE – White Monopoly in South Africa

Apartheid was nothing but the codification of racial segregation, which had been followed in South Africa between 1984 and 1994. Despite the deprived conditions of informal settlements, a lot of…Read More
Gupta Family

South Africa Must Bring Success Itself By Renovating The Leading Business

Right now, South Africa is facing struggles in terms of economy and it will be the surety to face the financial ruin because most of the banks are under the…Read More