The White South Africans Craving For Apartheid’s Arrival

Kleinfontein is a secluded village in South African as those residents decline to accept the South African diversity similar to the modern rainbow nation. They insist that instead of leading a life of racism and segregation, they can return to their past apartheid as well.

By half an hour drive outwards of Johannesburg, resides a small and quiet village Kleinfontein. This place is somewhat different from other rural communities of South Africa. This place holds vast open space in plenty as everyone knows about each other business and there is a wisdom of community spirit that flows all through the streets.

Description Of Kleinfontein Village And Its People

However taking a closer look at this village having 1200 folks, and there is something disconcertingly dissimilar regarding this small pocket in the hub of rainbow nation as everyone in this village seems to be white and that’s where the division come in South Africa.

Kleinfontein Village

Afrikaners are considered as the ethnic group of southern Africa which descended predominantly from Dutch settlers during 17 and 18 centuries. This community of people has made their own language, religion, history and national identity as well as takes the South African government power in 1984 when started to introduce the racist regime of apartheid segregation.

Approximately after 70 years, South African nation gets transformed but some Africans continue to brood for those dark days of racial separation. Disturbed and fascinated by this concept is equal measure so Jonas planned to find out more about this place.

The barriers and security guards first made Kleinfontein feel far from reach as it is highly secure. The whole village is enclosed by 2-meter high fence that is protected 24/7.

The board member explains to Jonas that only Afrikaners and Voortrekkers descendants, Dutch colonists who came to South African during 19th century were permitted to survive on the Kleinfontein land. In particular they have to be Christians and also speak Africans and any visitors who want to visit them must have invitation.

Younger People Of Kleinfontein

  • All the tasks in Kleinfontein is accomplished by black people ranging from community gardening to house cleaning as well as all sorts of construction work. The white people will only monitor their work along with security guard.
  • They blame the ANC for the loss of the Afrikaner influence as well as their economic downfall. The face is that the good economic situation prevails among white people during apartheid was due to the colonist and racist exploitation of black people. Black people view that the present political condition seems to offer threat to their nation culture. Many riches and some Government official are responsible for unemployment causes and favor to white monopoly.
  • Jonas could easily view some hazards in being Afrikaners in South Africa however still seeing to apartheid as an excellent idea and now viewing the cruelty of it. Among 1200 population, many were young people however only a few receives the opportunity to go for higher education.
  • Kleinfontein is nothing more than a try to maintain the old ideas regarding apartheid alive, dependent on whitewashed and romanticized memories of past.
  • There were many young people, community pool, school and fast internet as youthful faces must not hide in Kleinfontein past memories. As they will lose identify and culture so it is essential to reform their community nicely and grow.