Top 10 Most Expensive Cars In South Africa

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Cars are referred to be the finest representation of Human Engineering. Just like the beauty and luxury, the most expensive cars are some great specimens of power and performance. Furthermore, the most expensive cars are surprisingly the most power as well as fastest cars in the world, because they incorporate the up-to-date advancements in the material science and high-tech engineering- ranging from dashboard which remind you fighter aircraft to exotic lightweight body material to all-enveloping leather upholstery. Given below is the list of Top 10 most expensive cars found in South Africa:

Expensive Cars in South Africa

List of Top 10 most expensive cars in South Africa:

1. BMW 3 Series

With Stapling driving experience, BMW has announced its brand-new face lift model. Selling more than 500 units, this model has become the most popular vehicle in South Africa. Having 8-speed sports automatic transmission Steptronic Hybrid Edition, it tends to deliver 225 KW at 6,000 RPM. The price is found to be ranging from R395,000 to R736500.

2. Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep has increased their sales in the course of time. They have manufactured Grand Cherokee for individuals who are seeking a masculine “Merican” car. The price is ranging from R724,990 to R1099990.

3. Land Rover Discovery Sport

It is found to be a new edition to the family of Land Rover Discovery. This luxury model has equipped with 2.0 liter Si4 Petrol or 2.2 Liter SD4 Diesel with power of about 177 KW. The prices ranges from R541,900 to R731400.

4. Toyota Prado

As a South African Legend, Prado is supposed to be the bestselling car in South Africa. With 3.0 Diesel Vx Auto, the vehicle has the capacity to pull out 120 KW at a 3400 RPM. The price varies from R700,600 to R810,200.

5. Land Rover Discovery

It is another old faithful & popular car in South Africa, which has offered it’s comfortable along with powerful ride. With SDV^ 3.0 Liter Diesel Engine, it pulls out 183 KW and torque of about 600 Nm. The price is about R1,014,000.

6. BMW X5

With the price range between R904,500 and R1165800, this standard model has high-end surround sound system that features 16 loud speakers, dirac dimensions technology and 1200 W amplied power. Dynamic spot light is also available for night vision.

7. Audi Q7

Audi Q7 is said to be the biggest SUV with 3.0 TDI Quattro that pushes out 4500 RPM, 183 KW power and 600 NM torque. Some latest technologies include Matrix LED Healights, Audi Tablets along with rear seat entertainment, panoramic glass sunroof and so on.

8. Audi Q5

With V6 3.0 TDI Bi-turbocharging, it will be capable to produce a high torque of about 650 NM even at a low engine speed. A complete 230 KW power will accelerate the vehicle SQ5 TDI up to 100 Km within 5.1 seconds.

9. Range Rover Sport

This new edition is the fastest SUV, which is ever built by the Land Rover. It will claim a maximum speed of about 260 KM/h and accelerating to 100 Km/h in just 4.7 seconds by making use of 405 KW power and 680 NM of torque.

10. Audi 5

Another Audi and another hefty price, yet this brand will give you an excellent vehicle. It is considered to be the most expensive model delivering 331 KW power at 8250 RPM.