UP’s White Students spills dirt Against the Black natives once again

Racist chants, against the black natives, are not something rare as far as the Rainbow nation of South Africa is concerned. Since the Apartheid era, WMC and its supporting species have always enjoyed the privilege of suppressing the blacks natives visibly or invisibly. The recent report which confirms, two students from the university of Pretoria involved in using the “K” word against the black natives clearly signifies the dirty mindset of the White people in the country against the fellow true natives of the country.

racism in south africa

Moreover, the University has decided to suspend both the female students for the same and also initiated an inquiry into the matter. They have released a statement regarding the same which says,The university strongly condemns the use of such derogatory and racist language. An investigation into the matter is underway and students will be suspended today (Friday) pending a disciplinary inquiry”. It must be noted that both the students were completely drunk and they accused one of the black native for stealing their phone. Also one of the students was being provided a scholarship by our very own Cyril Ramaphosa’s Foundation and though the foundation has canceled the same after the incident, it clearly confirms how close these White stooges and our Deputy President are in the relation to a mission against the true black natives.

This incident is not the first one to come into the notice as last year one of the White students called the black natives as “Cancer to the society” in one of their Whatsapp chats. Actually, whites may have forgotten the fact that this is the land of the blacks where they are enjoying their lavish lifestyles and they should thank and respect the blacks instead of showing them the dirty reality. However, expecting a solution from these white stooges will be a waste as WMC along with Johann Rupert has plagued this country in every aspect whether its Education, Economics, Business, Finance or Politics. Therefore, the Black natives shall come forward and raise their voice against these dirty acts by WMC.

Source: http://ewn.co.za/2017/10/27/up-students-suspended-over-racist-video

  • Keorapetse Mahlobo

    This is what we can expect from those whites, they got this dirt since ages and it keeps coming out every now and then

    • Jeremia Africa

      True, they did the same stuff last year and then apologized just for the sake of it. Poor Ill minded people.

  • Drjoe Attatta

    You call them students! Is that what we learn in the university? This tells the mindset fed into them by their families.

  • J Makamba

    I know White media not going to show this news on their prime time. So biased and unjust they are.