What Actually Malema Is Trying To Do For White Monopoly Capital

The motion of no confidence is officially won by ZUMA inspite of all odds, MPs have been making their opening remarks for the debate before voting begins. The EFF’s Julius Malema has once again show his ill intention and on twitter also we can see how people reacting to him.

As per the website BlackOpinion, It takes several months for Julius Malema to admit that the white monopoly capital is undeniably exists. The context of the white monopoly capital is being supported by house Negroes who deny that WMC is exists. But as soon as he attacks the Indians of KZN (KwaZulu Natal) for being racist as well as economic things after making the admission. In the real fact, blacks cannot be a racist and also don’t have the economy. Therefore, they could not be grouped under the category of economic thugs, which are also referred to as the White monopoly capital. During his speech people in parliament show the unhappiness and even speaker too.

View his Speech 

Four years ago, some documents related to EFF (Economic freedom Fighters) were found. We could not forget that those documents stated that formation of EFF is to destroy the white monopoly capital. Thus, Malema’s lack of enthusiasm to admit the presence of the white monopoly capital is not found to be ideologically innocent. So, it becomes a necessity to take enough time and consider what Julius Malema is actually trying to do and in his speech also he mention all those.

When it comes to public speaking, the leader acknowledge the existence of the white monopoly capital, whereas in action, the call of Malema is against the so called Indian, aka Gupta business, aka Black business and any economic threat to WMC. During the fourth birthday anniversary gathering of EFF, this leader was used to call on fighters with the intention to protect WMC from any economic threats being caused by black business. After then, he told fighters that WMC is an evil, which exists in our country.

The birthday anniversary celebration of the Economic Freedom Fighters expressed itself as a promotion of the Gupta / Zuma / Zupta should go campaign. The funds needed by the birthday anniversary celebration were given by Robin Renwick and Johann Rupert. So during the celebration, the strength of white domination is found to be more rather than the fight to put an end to it. It is really very sad to hear that the funders of EFF say that the white monopoly capital will be in power for another three hundred years with the support given by the Economic Freedom Fighters.

Therefore, we should admit that Julius Malema will be a master manipulator. For the public, he is a good friend to EFF fighters, but he is actually in an offensive relationship with the WMC, a manipulative dangerous partner.