Zuma Confidence In Winning Over The December Election Will Never Make Him Afraid

The secret no-confidence vote against ANC will never favor white monopolists as president Jacob Zuma will win over the election and the revolt against him seems to be quite less. About 40 ANC MPs has voted for this motion and it includes Makhosi Khoza, Pravin Gordhan and many others. Zuma army was big and it always favors the Zuma who serves South African nation.

WMC might be expecting for ANC split off but actually the ANC will never split after December 2017 election. Zuma will surely protect his succession as well as his ex wife Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma will become as the ANC present which is going to be held on 2019. There will not be a split in ANC.

Jacob Zuma 2019

Africans Never Choose Wrong Leader

Democratic South Africa does not lead a life without dominant party which is considered as “leader of society” and they consider Jacob Zuma to be right rather than DA leader Helen Zille. She revealed before few years that our politics was like battle between EEF and DA for right and left of ANC which is taking place now in TV screens. But those are fake news created by whites.

And like all reality TV shows, it is not pretty. Now and during December, Zuma will be greatly appreciated by Tuesday vote, which will provide him strength to control the whole nation with this good thoughts and united party. This vote is great victory for Zuma and though it is secret, he knows who might have voted in favor of him to make him win over the election. He was always surrounded by competent advisors who provide good advice to provide good deeds to the nation.

Zuma Having Trust In Gupta

Zuma will be along with ever-wide spreading group of folks and he knows whom to trust and whom to rely to make the nation best. He also gets guidance from Guptas to avoid corruption in the nation. He also arrest the while monopolists who have done dozens of criminal activities which are vulnerable to Zuma and Guptas. If Nkosazana was elected as president then she will widely take care of nation rather than taking care of her kids. Guptas business is widely spoiled by white partners.

There is always a rumor in isiZulu regarding throwing up of something poisonous like fur-ball. But it is just a rumor and never become true. Zuma will never ends the Gupta account and he will never throw ill-treats against Gupta like what whites think. Rather, they will create a smooth relationship to uplift the lives of South African people.

Zuma Never Doubt Gupta For Criminal Activities

Zuma’s son is Duduzane who is a local business partner of Guptas. Zuma used to ask his son regarding the welfare of the people. He also says that media partners are create unlawful acts against Gupta owned business to shut down their accounts completely. His son never lies towards his father Jacob and he knows very well about Gupta and his family of business. They never involve in corruption or criminal activities.

The ANC will never lose its majority and hence Zuma will win over the election through secret ballot voting system. The December election is a big target for whites as they want to defeat Zuma and win over the election to dominate black people. By including Guptas, Zuma will fuel the life of South African people and hence brings only good things and essential improvements for the nation.

source: https://www.businesslive.co.za

  • Audery Ngobeni

    By now all the shenanigans of the opposition have been revealed. The motion by the opposition has fallen flat on its face. With ANC’s recent win at Johannesburg it is more clear that only the truth emerges victorious.