Zuma Declares No Need For Secret Ballot Due To Failure For 7 Times

President Jacob ZumaThe president Jacob Zuma declares that there is no need for having secret ballot system as the vote has failed previously for 7 times. Zuma was asked at the time of questioning session in the National Assembly, whether he could able to support a decision via speaker Baleka Mbete to put a vita by means of secret ballot, by following the rule of constitutional court.

He also reveals the statement that opposition parties have drained all their choices, now they are trying to acquire a majority in the parliament which they did not gained through polls.

He told in the reply to MP Corne Mulder “You are attempting to obtain majority which you do not have, by indicating secret ballot”. MP Corne Mulder told that it is unfair because they are attempting to boost up the majority which they do not have.

“That is considered to be my viewpoint, however we will vote in the method which we want to vote. Maybe it’s your task to acquire alternative strategies: fact about this matter is, you do not have much majority”.

Zuma told that the ConCourt ruling seems to be clear and the judgment is now in the hands of speaker and hence questions why this time voting method seems to be different.

“I have met seven different kinds of votes without having any confidence. I tried my best but failed”.

“Why this time, it must be done in a different manner? It is just to acquire a method to see, whether you can win or not. Why it has gone wrong? What is the difficulty behind it?

“My opinion is that we should carry out what we have accomplished in the past. I does not have any convincing reason why we have to change”

Zuma Option In Political Life

  • Zuma is giving answer to the original question asked by the AIC leader Mandlenkosi Galo and also declared that there were no application prior to accusing ConCourt.
  • Galo shadowed with an additional question and asked whether it would be better for Jacob Zuma to get down from his own party which has made him.
  • Zuma laughed and admitted that the political life was created by ANC. “The ANC appointed me as the president. When ANC thinks, I cannot be the president anymore, they will neglect me”. If ANC cannot do so then I cannot do so”.

ANC Will Win In Democratic Election

Jacob Zuma was adamant that the attempts made by opposition will result in the winning majority of ANC at the time of sixth democratic elections.

“You can attempt, you can perform the whole thing, you can also move to the court, as a result the court will bring you back to legislature.

“It is really true that the folks of this country choose ANC to head them up towards this point. There is no doubt in it”.

“The rubbish status in South Africa is not for the first time as there are varying reasons. It will come and go. Don’t generate it to be Zuma thing.”